Job Title : CAPTAIN/MASTER                     
Reports To:  Operations Manager as appropriate
Background:The Captain will exhibit exemplary leadership, managerial and safety behavior and will specifically ensure that all local and company regulatory and legal compliance is met in all aspects of work.
Authority:  The Captain assumes complete authority where the safety of the crew and vessel is concerned.

Authority is delegated to competent personnel as appropriate.



  Maintenance/Chief Engineer Supervisor, Cargo Supervisors/Chief Officer, TA, Camp boss, Safety Officer, Radio Operator/Medic.
Accountable For: Typical Responsibilities & Standards 
1) Implementation of Management System 
1 Promote safety awareness and broad application of the MS system, codes of practice and prime policies.
2 Exercise effective document control in accordance with MS requirements.
3 Ensure timely and effective close-out of survey and audit action items.
4 Monitor MS feedback issues ensuring effective close-out.
5 Ensure change-management procedures are appropriately applied.
6 Ensure timely, effective reporting and investigation of all accidents & incidents.
2) Management Of Personnel 
1Demonstrate leadership and exercise role as company representative onboard.
2 Manage the operation of the FSO through departmental supervisors.
3 Liaise effectively with all relevant onshore and offshore departments.
4 Delegate authority having due regard for competence and verify effective close out of tasks.
5 Promote career development and training with due regard for all assessments ensuring fairness & accuracy.
6 Manage welfare and disciplinary issues in a timely and effective manner.
3) Control of Works 
1 Efficient operation of the facility with due regard for health, safety and welfare of all personnel.
2 Manage PTW system, associated risk assessment and verification procedure.
3 Organize planning and scheduling of works/activities
4 Ensure compliance with class, flag and port state requirements.
5Apply environmental standards.
6Manage the facility as daily operations to ensure that FSO is monitored continuously and safe mooring in her location with CALM buoy. Following properly with the applicable procedures as required and instructions from Company Board of Director/DPA for operations/technical issues.
7Ensure that all departments are carried out their works safely and effectively on board.
8Directly manage and running the HSE, operation meetings onboard and coordinate with office for effective performance.
9Manage properly for carrying out the PMS via HOD onboard and ensure to maintain the facility technical status in safe and good condition.
10Cooperate closely with Class and Flag for any audits, surveys as requirements to expedition on board for satisfactory the attendance auditors/surveyors, discuss and report to Company Board of Director/DPA for any issues and have plan for close out.
11Perform any others required responsibilities from Board of Director/DPA.
4) Management of Contract 
1 Maintain good working relationship with client offshore and Client Rep on board FSO.
2 Manage operations to maximize uptime for Vessel operations.
3 Manage operations to maintain effective cost control and promote cost awareness in others.
4 Communicate reports and information in timely and effective manner.
5 Demonstrate awareness of key issues relating to client and sub-contractors.
5) Management of Emergencies 
1 Ensure training and exercises are conducted in accordance with requirements.
2 Manage emergency response with due regard for safety of personnel, FSO and environment.
3 Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of potential emergency scenarios.
4 Ensure exercises are recorded, effective, with appropriate de-brief and analysis.
Pre-hire Qualifications and Experience:

·    Proven experience and results-oriented career AND/OR HND or Master/Captain certificate or Degree equivalents in appropriate engineering subject.

·    Appropriate period as Captain Rank (at least for 10 years minimum) plus appropriate period as acting position as Captain/Master for Oil Tanker operations, prefers to oil tanker as alframax size or above.

·    Offshore Personal Survival, Management of Major Emergencies, Controlling Emergencies, navigation management, radio communication, cargo handling and stowage, etc certificates.

·    Medical certificates.

·    Extensive knowledge of offshore FSO operations, including, Maintenance, Engineering and Safety Management.

·     High level of commercial awareness

·    Certificates required:

–           Graduated from Marine University (Degree: Ship Navigation Engineer);

–          Having Vietnam Certificate of Competence ranked Master issued by Vietnam Marine Administration, Seaman’s Book, Seaman’s Passport, Normal Passport (Issued by Immigration Department);

–          STCW certs: Basic training per IMO, RADAR, ARPA, Medical first aid and medical care, Advanced Fire Fighting, Bridge Resource Management, GMDSS/GOC, Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats, Ship Security awareness, Ship Security Officer, Oil Tanker Familiazation, Oil tanker Advanced, Maritime English – Level 3;

–          Having certs: Accident/Incident Investigation; T-BOSIET/FOET.

Personal Skills
·    Personal:  Conscientious, flexible, versatile and determined. Capable of assertive and positive communication and performance.

·    Leadership: Exemplary safety and managerial leadership skills. Good levels of written and spoken communication in English language. Clear understanding of behavioral and logistical personnel issues.

·    HSE: Good HSE behaviour, experiences in management of other facilities safely and harmonize properly in multiple cultures to maintain Company HSE culture as requires.

·    Technical:  Appropriate standard of technical, legal and professional knowledge as defined by competences.

·    IT:  Practical familiarity with standard ‘Office’ software package. Operation and use of Internet and electronic mail system.


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