Chief Engineer

Reports To: Captain as appropriate

The Chief Engineer will exhibit exemplary leadership, managerial and safety behaviors and will specifically ensure that all aspects of maintenance and condition monitoring activities are carried out effectively and efficiently.

The  Chief Engineer assumes responsibility for safety, financial, logistical and Operational aspects of maintenance activities and is responsible for the competence of those under his immediate supervision.

Subordinates : 

2nd Engineer, 3rd Engineer, E&I Technician, vendor technicians, and sub-contractors/3rd party for maintenance works. 
Accountable For  : Typical Responsibilities & Standards 
1) Implementation of Management System 
1 Promote safety awareness and application of company Management System (MS),  prime policies.
2 Report concisely in accordance with MS requirements with due regard for document control.
3 Ensure timely and effective closeout of survey and relevant audit actions.
4 Ensure change management procedures are applied appropriately.
5 Contribute effectively to accident and incident investigation, review and reporting within the area of engineering systems. 
6Manage properly the PTW applicable in ER area and required works from Captain. Monitor closely the applicable procedures, instructions for all machineries and ensure they are all in safe, acceptable technical status for safe operations.
7Responsibility in review and revised procedures proposed if needs to be changed for further improvement and safe operations.
8Ensure to train for immediate subordinates to follow properly the applicable procedures and operate correctly the machineries on board.
2) Personnel 
1Manage properly the operations of all the machineries systems of departmental level through Leader/Engineers and subordinate staffs to make sure they are instructed well to perform required works.
2Exercise appropriate authority with regards to career development, providing training and support in terms of competence assurance system.
3Ensure probationary and routine appraisals are completed fairly and consistently in timely manner.
4Manage welfare and disciplinary issues at departmental level with appropriate reference to Captain and HR.
3) Works 
1Efficient operation of unit systems having due regard for Health and safety.
2 Ensure full compliance with PTW system, and Risk assessment and verification.
3 Ensure full compliance with Class, Flag and Port State requirements, preserving the vessel’s operational status.
4 Effective supervision of project, sub contract and vendor personnel.
5 Efficiency improvement and pursuance of company goals.
6 Responsible for condition monitoring, maintenance and repair of vessel and process systems.
7 In Charge of Spare parts control and support TA/Store Keeper to maintain inventories, storage, record keeping, shipping and receiving by use of PMS.
8Perform effectively and take lead to run the PMS system to maintain the facility technical status in safe and good condition. Make sure all machineries in ER, Pump room are in safe and acceptable condition in order to achieve the technical requirements.
9Make sure all required machineries are ready for operations ordered from FSO Master when requires.
4) Contract 
1 Manage operations in conjunction with all department heads to maximize efficiency and uptime.
2 Maintain effective cost control and promote cost awareness in others.
3 Maintain awareness of key issues relating to client and sub-contractor relationships.
5) Emergency Response 
1 Demonstrate through exercises and scenarios, knowledge and awareness of emergency response techniques.
2 Demonstrate knowledge of potential impact of incidents and scenarios on vessel safety and security.
3 Contribute effectively to preparation of useful exercises and to post exercise/ incident review and investigation.
Units Of Competence

·      Contribute To The Provision Of Efficient Working Practices.

·      Maintain Working Conditions And Operational Activities To Meet Quality Standards.

·      Contribute To The Planning, Organization, Monitoring, Control And Evaluation Of Maintenance Activities.

·      Establish And Maintain Effective Working Relationships

·      Emergency Response Role

Additional Competencies Required:  

1.  See Station Bill

Pre-hire Qualifications and Experience 
·      Proven experience and results-oriented career AND/OR HND or Degree equivalents in appropriate engineering subject, or STCW or Chief Engineer or equivalent.

·      Class 1 Steam Certificate or equivalent experience in steam operation

·      Current Dangerous Cargo /Dangerous Goods certificate or equivalent. Medical certificates 2 years minimum as Maintenance Superintendent (or shore based equivalent) plus appropriate period as acting/deputy Maintenance Superintendent (or shore based equivalent).

·      Experience and knowledge of Safety Management in hydrocarbon processing operations.

·      Experience and knowledge of hydrocarbon processing systems and utility systems.

·      Supervisory experience of Permit to Work, Mechanical/Electrical Isolation Standards and Risk Assessment.

·      Certificates required:

–          Graduated from Marine University ( Degree Bachelor of Marine Engineering Engineer );

–          Having Vietnam Certificate of Competence ranked Chief Engineer issued by Vietnam Marine Administration Seaman’s Book, Seaman’s Passport, Normal Passport (Issued by Immigration Department);

–          STCW certs: Basic training per IMO, Medical first aid and medical care, Advanced Fire Fighting, Engine Resource Management, Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats, Ship Security awareness, Designated security duties, Oil Tanker Familiazation, Oil tanker Advanced, Maritime English- Level 3;

–          Having certs: Confined Space Entry, Accident/Incident Investigation; T-BOSIET/FOET.

Personal Skills 
·        Personal:  Conscientious, flexible, versatile and determined. Capable of assertive and positive communication and performance.  

·        Leadership:   Exemplary safety and managerial leadership skills. Good levels of written and spoken communication in English language. Clear understanding of personnel, behavioral and team issues.

·        HSE: Good HSE behaviour, experiences in management of other facilities safely and harmonize properly in multiple cultures to maintain Company HSE culture as requires.

·        Technical:   Appropriate standard of managerial, technical, and professional knowledge as defined by competences.

·        IT:  Good knowledge and skill with ‘Maintenance Management System’ interface. Practical familiarity with standard ‘Office’ software package. Operation and use of Internet and electronic mail system.


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