BEXCO is a leading European manufacturer of precision-engineered synthetic mooring, towing and lifting ropes for offshore, marine and industrial applications.

PVTrans OFS has officially been the distributor of BEXCO since 2017, providing Bexco products in Vietnamese market.

BEXCO, located at:                                                                     PVTrans OFS, located at:

Industriepark Zwaarveld 25                                                           Suite 310, 3rd Floor, 8 Hoang Dieu St, Ward 1, Vung Tau City, Vietnam

9220 Hamme Belgium                                                                   Contact: Mr. Nguyen Quyet Huong

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Ropes of the ULTRALINE range are of a circular braid design and they have been developed to give a rope extra protection against wear and tear without significantly changing the primary characteristics. It is a logical development from the double-braid, where the outer braid both protects the inner braid and contributes to the strength. In the circular braid design this duality has been abandoned. The cover is optimised for wear and abrasion resistance ant the core(s) are optimised for strength or fatigue. This results in both a higher strength and a better design life than with other rope designs.


Polyamide or Nylon was the first synthenic fibre discovered. It is available as a fibre as nylon 6. Since nylon was the first fibre discovered it is better established than polyester but the fatigue properties of polyester are better than those of nylon. The UV resistance for this rope is acceptable



Plaited ropes of the BEXCOLINE range are well established in marine and off-shore applications, because of their ease in handling and non-rotating behaviour. They are produced on a plaiting machine containing eight reels, each containing one strand, groups of two reels interweave as a pair around the other pairs of reels to produce an eight strands rope of a somewhat square cross section


DF8 is a mixed or composite fibre based on our proprietary BEX- yarn and polyester as a
strength member. It combines the excellent fatigue characteristics and abrasion resistance of
polyester with the low density of Bexcord. The fatigue life is comparable to pure polyester, but
the weight for a given strength is comparable to that of nylon, giving the rope excellent
handling characteristics. A special marine finish is applied to further increase the wear
resistance in a marine environment. This is finish has been tested conform ASTM D6611-00
and is water repellent. Wet and dry strength is identical.