Production Supervisor

Business Need:
To provide leadership to the production operations team in all activities on the Chim Sao FPSO facility and associated Wellhead Platform.  Act as deputy to the OIM.
Specific Accountabilities:

(Results this role is expected to accomplish)

•          To liaise with onshore support and technical authorities on issues or tasks related to their discipline or department;

•          Reporting to the Offshore Installation Manager,  accountabilities include:

•          Safe and efficient operations in accordance with established procedures and regulations

•          Inspection activities and follow-up of recommendations

•          Event investigation and follow-up of recommendations

•          Leadership and direction of production operations operators

•          Operations scheduling

•          Control for all FPSO and Wellhead processing and related utility systems

•          Planning, Coordination and Communication of all productions operations activities

•          Quality assurance and control for all activities relating to production operations

•          Operational Integrity and availability of all equipment on the installation

•          Personnel development and competency assurance within this function

•          Application of quality processes and continuous improvement tools

•          Implementation and monitoring of Control of work processes (Permit to work, etc.)

•          Production volumes, product quality, production accounting, and production metering

•          Environmental monitoring, compliance and reporting

•          Core member of offshore emergency command team

•          Assign qualified personnel in production department to fulfill Emergency response duty as appointed by OIM.

•          Responsible for competency assessment for all members in Production department.

•          Responsible for departmental PDP of employees within production department.

Minimum Competencies:

(Skills required to accomplish this role effectively)

•          High school diploma and Technologist or Industry certification

•          10 years related experience in the oil/petrochemical industry

•          Knowledge of FPSO well operations including well completion, stimulation, Water Injection, Gas Lift operations

•          Previous experience in a supervisory position. (Minimum 2 years)

•          Working knowledge of separation, compression and utility systems

•          Thorough understanding of all production equipment and systems on the installation

•          Working knowledge of  Distributed Control Systems and computerized control/safety systems

•          Familiar with computerized maintenance management systems

•          Proven planning and cost management awareness

•          Experience with personnel training and competence assurance

•          Working knowledge of all Company policies and procedures as well as industry and regulatory codes relating to the function

•          Demonstrated awareness and sensitivity to environmental health and safety issues

•          Leadership and teamwork skills/behaviors

•          Effective communication skills (written, oral and computer)

•          Ability to recognize and resolve conflict

•          Familiar with quality processes.

•          Demonstrated command and crisis-management capability.

•          Proficient in English both written and oral.


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